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About WinSea


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Our History

The Innovation Path of WinSea


WinSea Ship Management Platform 6.0 launched

WinSea officially launched digital SaaS services in the shipping industry

WinSea Ship Supply Management Platform online upgrade

WinSea Ship Dynamic Monitoring Platform launched

WinSea Ship Fuel Consumption Monitoring and Management Platform launched

WinSea Fuel Consumption Big Data Analysis Platform launched



WinSea Ship Management Platform 5.0 launched

Access to national level high-tech enterprise certification

Big Data Research Center of Dalian Maritime University established

Dalian Equity Trading Center successfully listed stock



WinSea Ship Management Platform 3.0 launched

WinSea Crew Management Platform and Yuebeir.com launched

Shanghai Branch established



WinSea Ship Management Platform launched



WinSea Ship Management Platform upgrade

Flexible employment platform for free crew members

WinSea Shipping Communication Services


WinSea Ship Management Platform mobile version launched

WinSea Ship Supply Management Platform launched

Ningbo and Zhoushan branches established


WinSea Ship Management Platform 4.0 launched


WinSea Ship Management Platform 2.0 launched


Dalian WinSea Technology Co., Ltd.

WinSea Experts

Since its establishment for 10 years, WinSea Technology has cultivated a group of industry experts who not only understand information technology but also have a deep understanding of ship management business and processes through the research and development and design of various digital management platforms for ship types and in-depth analysis of various cases

Yuguo Cai

Yuguo, CAI

President of Dalian Shipbuilding Machinery and Marine Affairs Association

Associate Professor and Senior Maintenance Manager at the School of Marine Engineering, Dalian Maritime University

Professor Cai Yuguo has been committed to the development of Dalian and the National Machinery and Sea Affairs Association for many years, organizing multiple national machinery and sea affairs technical seminars, and strengthening communication and exchange among shipping industry professionals for common development.

Shichen Li

Shichen, LI

Former Professor, Senior Chief Engineer, and Master's Supervisor at the School of Marine Engineering, Dalian Maritime University

Professor Li Shichen has 9 years of experience in navigation as the chief engineer of global shipping routes. I have reached ports in over 40 countries and regions, and can navigate a total of 4.5 circles around the Earth in the nautical mile. I have published over 40 scientific and technological papers in professional journals, and have authored and written over 3 million words of textbooks and teaching guides. Research areas include ship automation and intelligence, engine simulation technology, etc.

Xiuquan Chen

Xiuquan, CHEN

Professor of Information Management and Information Systems at Liaoning University

Professor of E-commerce at Dalian Maritime University

Professor Chen Xiuquan's main research directions are e-commerce/e-government, information security, and information systems. Academic achievements: The National Regulations Information Database Compilation System project won the third prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award in 1999, and the National Personnel Regulations Information Database Compilation System won the first prize of the National Press and Publication Administration Science and Technology Progress Award in 1998. Experience in ship management projects: I have guided the ship management system projects of China National Petroleum Corporation, China Aviation Oil Corporation, Zhenhua Heavy Industry Corporation, and Shanghai Hailian, and have provided constructive suggestions multiple times to provide professional guidance for our company.

Guoping Wang

Guoping, WANG

Secretary General of Dalian Shipbuilding Machinery and Marine Affairs Association

Chief Engineer Wang Guoping taught at Dalian Maritime University from 1992 to 1995, specializing in the teaching of marine engineering repair technology; Wuxi BSKY is a registered service engineer of ballast water management system, and has long held the certificate of chief engineer issued by China Maritime Safety Administration. In my 35 year career as a shipping and ship management company, I have been responsible for and supervised the docking and inspection of over 60 bulk carriers, container ships, general cargo ships, oil tankers, and chemical tankers, with extensive experience in both technical and commercial aspects.