Voyage Dynamic Supervision System

Voyage Dynamic Supervision System

Intelligent voyage message management and real-time dynamic analysis


Message Collection, Integration, Precipitation Data Assets

Dynamic packets are standardized, business standardized, data structured, settlement methods, and providing an integrated work experience. Data information management. Realize the collection, management, and use in one step to the top. Through standard data management, you can manage and accumulate messages sent daily in the form of business indicators, so that it can truly become data assets and give full play to the maximum value of data resources.



Visual Analysis, Realize Business Refined Operations

Focusing on fuel, water, cargo, and ship dynamics, real -time update of data, automatic statistical statements generate, visualized analysis of intelligent monitoring, and voyage management information master. The use of intelligent visual analysis as a refined management of enterprises will also become management trend in the shipping industry. Make business metrics quantifiable, comparable, and reminded. Model daily experience, what you see is what you get, and improve data readability and usability. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations



Report And Files automatic generation, Achieve Precise Management Of Business Operations

Based on big data technology, professional analysis reports output through multi -dimensional and full perspectives, knowing yourself,knowing your enemy and knowing the overall situation. Automatic generating reports and files, make business management described, measured, dismantled, factor, and evaluated, providing data basis for voyage management.


Multi - Party Work Is Simplified, Say Goodbye To Repeated Labor


Multi - Party Work Is Simplified, Say Goodbye To Repeated Labor

Automation intelligent message finishing, statistical analysis, report generation, report sharing, create a new working method, and provide an integrated work experience.


Dynamic Data Updated In Real Time, Farewell to Information Delay

Dynamic reporting data is transmitted in real time,first-hand data reports are freshly available, and the real-time ship dynamics are under control. Even for messages sent by email, data analysis, data classification, standardized storage, visualized real-time analysis, report generation, report analysis, etc. can be completed within 5 minutes.

Dynamic Data Is Updated In Real Time, Farewell Information Delay
One-Click Retrieval, Precise Positioning, Say Goodbye To No Clueless Turn To Find


One-Click Retrieval, Precise Positioning, Say Goodbye To clueless search

If you are still looking for historical messages in emails, you are out. Record management, continuous reading of messages for you to find, use, operate and gain new work experience, there is only convenience here.


Automatic generation of dynamic reports and tables, no more repetitive production

Based on the accumulation of voyage management business, data mining and experience summary, it provides report templates for voyage management. Basically the ship data accumulation, present you an exclusive analysis report. Special services such as explanation, problem explanation, summary analysis, recommendations, and schemes; provide you with industry analysis reports to effectively achieve management purposes. Through the template settings, add one -button chart, data, parameters, etc. to the report, support fixed template reuse, update the data or switch parameters to dynamically refresh the report, Thus, we can say goodbye to repeated productions and repeated modifications, and realize once and for all.

Dynamic Reports And Reports Are Automatically Generated, Farewell
Movement Meets Multiple Scenarios Sharing, Farewell To Communication Is Inconvenient


Mobility Meets Multiple Scenarios Sharing, Farewell To Communication Inconvenient

Log in to the mobile mini program, communicate and work anytime and anywhere, breaking the constraints of time and space. Only send what should be sent, do not confuse life and work information, ship and cargo information is more timely, and data security is guaranteed. Only look at what needs to be seen and support secure and controllable browsing of data through permission settings.