Ship-shore Integration

Ship-shore Integration

Focusing on the Comprehensive Construction of Informationization and Digital Intelligence in the Shipping Industry


Shipborne Intelligent Monitoring System

AI identification, active monitoring early warning, super-coding technology


Ship Satellite Communication&LAN System

A variety of communication solutions, professional implementation, cutting -edge technology


Margin Edge Computing All-in-one Equipment

Safe and reliable, fast response, mainstream configuration


Smart Marine Engine Room

Monitoring marine engine room operation equipment, linkage maintenance system, ship shore synchronization


Shore Based Cloud Host Leasing and Hosting Services

Mainstream cloud, professional operation and maintenance, super fusion cabinet integration


Shore Based Paperless Conference System

Smart conference system, advanced audio and video system, shore based Command & dispatch center


Shore Based Large Screen Visualization System

Shore based Command & dispatch center, smart BI display, smart CCTV monitoring

WinSea Ship Coast Integration Characteristics

The integrated platform of WinSea Ship Shore introduces the concept of digital intelligence construction, concentrates the collection of IoT devices and business data of ships, relying on the construction of the ship management system platform, establish the Internet of Things cloud big data management platform, and form the business of "end+cloud+big data" business System and new management model, open up the entire process management data chain, and implement the visual management of equipment, security, environment, energy consumption and other business links through digital twin technology, and have the capabilities of energy conservation and consumption reduction, early warning linkage, integrated access, real-time monitoring and other capabilities , Enrich the function of the ship management system and improve the efficiency of ship management.

Yinghai Ship Coast Integration Characteristics