Smart cockpit smart kanban officially launched

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Mar 10,2023

Based on the independent data mining engine, the data analysis of data analysis and multi -business field scenarios supports the flexible application of the shipping vertical field. Through the real -time collection, governance, storage, and analysis of the data of the data, the noise is eliminated to make the invisible information explicit. Build a solid data foundation for shipping enterprises, obtain more dimensional decision -making references, and release data value and strength.

In 2021, the double reduction landed, and the freight soared.

In the past, Changci blocked the Suez Canal and single-handedly made the world economy shake with it for nearly a week, and then there was a change of seafarers under the epidemic that repeatedly rushed to the hot search, refreshing the professional existence in an unpleasant way...

In 2021, even pirates in the Gulf of Aden may not have imagined that their preventable index is rising steadily compared to those sudden shipping incidents. In short, the shipping industry in 2021 can be described as self-aware like drinking water.

But in any case, despite all the hardships, hope must be found, a new year is just around the corner, and everything that has happened has revived the torment of the shipping industry - what will it take to withstand the shock? The answer is data. The entire industry has entered the era of looking at data indicators, and mastering data information will grasp the overall situation.

This time, Winsea Technology has come up with more amazing data technology achievements.


On December 12th, the intelligent cockpit intelligent kanban carefully polished by Winhai Technology has been officially met with users in the Winhai Cloud Tube Ship System! With the smart cockpit service, you can understand the intuitive ship operation, operating costs, crew, safety inspections, and more.

What's so special about the smart cockpit?

(PS: All pictures in this article are only functional examples, and the data included is demonstration data)


The significance of the smart cockpit - using AI computing power and visualization to deliver data value


Based on the self-developed data mining engine, it supports data analysis in shipping vertical fields and flexible application of multi-service scenarios, and real-time collection, governance, storage, and analysis one-stop processing through the data middle platform, eliminating noise and making invisible information visible. Build a solid data foundation for shipping companies, obtain more dimensional decision-making references, and release the value and power of data.



What is data value? Understanding the behavioral habits and trends of exploration objects, and making targeted adjustments and optimizations is the value of big data. The significance of the cockpit, simply put, is that through the intelligent cockpit, the bridge information, radar, detector, electronic chart, etc. can be obtained during the operation of the ship, and the functions such as ship monitoring and wind alarm can be realized. At the same time, it can reflect the cost of the ship, the crew, the operation of the ship and the cargo volume of the ship. With this information, the management can be adjusted and optimized at any time to achieve the lowest cost and the highest benefit, so that efficient development is no longer on paper.



Smart cockpit smart signage scene application



What can a smart cockpit do?

Gives you a grasp of the past, present and future.

The salaries of the crew in the industry have changed particularly rapidly recently, but the salary index is lagging behind and the timeliness is relatively low;

There are many reference values in the industry at present, but there are relatively few predictive analysis of future trend changes...

How to solve the industry problem of information asymmetry?

The intelligent signage in the smart cockpit is a presentation tool that transmits timely data, helps users grasp and understand the data more intuitively, allows users not only to know what happened, but also why it happened, and to infer what may happen in the future through the known, and give timely operation support.


Security check data center


Monitor ship safety, reduce navigation hazards, escort ships and respond to various inspections


Procurement data centers


With ship consumption as the core, the process is clear and transparent in line with the unique characteristics of the shipping industry


Cost Control Center


Sensitive capture of cost risk, so that every penny is spent where it is needed most


Crew Data Asset Center


Reasonably match market demand and maintain our own optimal human resource system


Manage the data center


The execution and circulation of ship-to-shore work is clear at a glance, and the system responds to various inspections in an orderly and efficient manner


Maintenance data center


Focus on every operational link to extend the life of the ship and exert its full value


Ship repair data center


Improve ship repair efficiency and visualize progress tracking to solve ship repair chaos


Certificate monitoring operation center


Ship certificate full life cycle supervision, master every detail to avoid any inspection omission


Smart cockpit, dig deep into the value of data, do efficient digital management!

Developers are also users

Winsea Technology is deeply engaged in digital technology, independent research and development of products to empower the shipping industry, and Winsea Technology also applies the developed products to its own business management. Real-time understanding of the company's operation and industry development information.


The smart cockpit uses AI computing power and visualization to deliver data value and make management more efficient.


At present, the smart signage of the smart cockpit has been launched,

Welcome to log in Win Haiyun Tube Ship to feel the new experience of ship management!

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Complete customer development and maintenance in this region: Consultative sales (telemarketing+surface sales), provide high-quality services and valuable suggestions to customers, and complete a behavioral data list

Sales Consultant

Complete customer development and maintenance in this region: Consultative sales (telemarketing+surface sales), provide high-quality services and valuable suggestions to customers, and complete a behavioral data list

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