Yinghai Technology: Use data intelligence to "help the flames" for the shipping industry

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Mar 15,2023

The list of "2022 Most Watched Chinese in the Shipping Industry in 100" was officially released at the end of last year. Yin Xiumeng, chairman of Dalian Haida Winhai Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yinghai Technology"), was successfully selected again, which is his third consecutive honor.

The list of "2022 Most Watched Chinese in the Shipping Industry in 100" was officially released at the end of last year. Yin Xiumeng, chairman of Dalian Haida Winhai Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yinghai Technology"), was successfully selected again, which is his third consecutive honor.

As the founder of Winsea Technology, Yin Xiumeng has won the "China Shipping 13 List" for three consecutive years, and his performance in the <> years of independent entrepreneurship in the shipping industry has been remarkable, what are the unknown stories behind it?


Get a head start and win the market

Yin Xiumeng is a typical "knowledge changes destiny" person, he majored in information management and information systems in college, and master's degree was project management. After graduation, he engaged in software Internet development, and then turned to shipping Internet team management with strong business ability and rich experience.

In 2010, Yin Xiu entered the year of his establishment, and at that time, the ship management software in the shipping industry was all monopolized by foreign software companies, and its software products were not only expensive, but also particularly unsuitable for Chinese crews. In the midst of complaints in the industry, Yin Xiumeng seemed to have found a business opportunity and pulled three or five friends to jump on this shipping "ship of opportunity".

Yin Xiumeng told reporters: In the early days of entrepreneurship, funds were tight, and some members of the team did not dare to easily quit the only job that could bring income, and could only use their spare time for research and development and operation. After the joint efforts of everyone, Winsea Technology slowly developed and grew, and in 2013, WinSea ship management platform was born, and now it has been updated and iterated to version 6.0. In 2017, Winsea Technology passed the high-tech enterprise certification and was successfully listed in Dalian Equity Exchange Center.

Since its establishment in 2010, Winsea Technology has been adhering to independent innovation and taking root in the shipping field; In-depth shipping scenarios to design and innovate many types of solutions, providing sustainable and high-quality services for more than 150 customers, more than 2000,1000 ships, more than 30,<> crew labor companies, and more than <>,<> crew members. At present, it has set up branches in Shanghai, Ningbo and Zhoushan; Set up branches in Qingdao, Yantai, Chongqing, Shenzhen and other places.

The company's products integrate the Internet of Things, ship-to-shore communication technology, big data, cloud digital platform, etc., to provide all-round support for the digital and intelligent transformation of shipping enterprises, the main products are "Win Haiyun Ship Ship", "Yinghaiyun Ship Payment", "Yinghaiyun Crew", "Yinghaiyun Ship Supply", "Yinghai Big Data and Intelligence".

Looking back on the road of entrepreneurship, what he wants to thank most is his family, who is hard to start a business and unable to take care of his family, and feels guilty, but the unconditional full support of his family has become his most solid backing.

Friends who have been in business for more than ten years are still around, and despite many differences on the way to entrepreneurship, they "love and kill each other" in a common goal, which is also a joyful thing in Yin Xiumeng's words.

When entrepreneurship is difficult, Yin Xiumeng often imagines with entrepreneurial partners that one day he can compete with India, Europe and the United States on the international stage through Winsea Technology's products, and then win the European, American, Japanese and Korean markets, solve the pressure and hardship of entrepreneurial bottlenecks, and cheer for himself.

Nowadays, Winsea Technology's products shine on the international stage, and imagination has become a reality.


Digitalization empowers enterprise customized services

As a shipping digital solution service provider, Winsea Technology mainly provides customers with solutions in the field of overall shipping digitalization, including ship management, crew management, operation management, budget settlement management, etc., and also provides customers with overall solutions for shipping Internet of Things, including ship monitoring management platform, ship fuel consumption monitoring and management platform, ship dynamic monitoring platform, ship communication management platform, etc.

In recent years, Winsea Technology has been well-known in the industry for its personalized and customized products. Yin Xiumeng also insisted on leading the team to spend more energy and cost on continuously improving and optimizing the quality of products, and polished high-quality products in terms of ease of use and practical effects, which was highly recognized by the market.

More than 150 well-known large shipping companies at home and abroad, such as China Aviation Oil, Kobe Shipping, Singapore Hefeng, ISEACO, Qingdao Intercontinental Group, Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry, Hainan Strait Co., Ltd., Guangdong Xuwen, etc., have become stable customers of Winsea Technology, especially for port client products, which have formed an industry benchmark.

In the interview, Yin Xiumeng introduced: "The tug scheduling and electronic signing system we provide to Nanjing Port covers multiple modules such as business order management, tug scheduling, billing and settlement, cost management, statistical analysis, and material management of the towing business, and the informatization covers the whole business process and the whole operation stage of the enterprise. After going online, the grassroots personnel were very satisfied with the system, which helped them reduce the heavy work. In addition, the electronic signing function also effectively avoided physical contact between crew members, which played a great role during the epidemic. ”

There are many more such customer cases.

Bi Jianpeng, captain of Qingdao Huayang Maritime Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Qingdao Huayang"), commented on its products: "After using the digital management system of Winhai, it not only improves the sustainability and management efficiency of the company's data management work, and avoids the loss of data caused by personnel transfer, on the other hand, it also realizes the system digitization of all work, the process is more standardized, the operation is simpler and faster, and the impact of subjective factors such as human favor on the work is avoided." The use of this system to work remotely has greatly ensured the stable operation of the main work during the most severe stage of the epidemic. ”

It is understood that this cooperation began in 2018, due to the particularity of the business at that time, Qingdao Huayang needed a comprehensive management system with strong functions to improve the efficiency of management operations, after many investigations, Captain Bijianpeng found that most of the management systems in the design process are more focused on a certain aspect, and a single function is often difficult to meet the needs of multiple complex tasks of the company's projects.

Winsea Technology's products stand out among many similar management software products with their diversified functions, and finally won the favor of Huayang. Through the communication of the early project and the exchange feedback of the later use, Winsea Technology provides Huayang with perfect after-sales service, and its products have been upgraded and optimized for many times, which are closer to the needs of Qingdao Huayang.

For the comparison before and after the use of the digital management system, Bi Jianpeng believes that the most intuitive change is the improvement of work efficiency, and he further explained to reporters:

On the one hand, Qingdao Huayang attaches great importance to the accumulation and management of information materials, and the data itself is also one of the important assets of the company. In the early stage, this part of the work was simply completed manually, and once there was a change in personnel, the reserve handover of data often caused delay or loss, resulting in the disconnection of management data information, and the discontinuity of data brought troubles and troubles to the later business connection. After using Winsea Technology's digital management system, these problems were solved.

On the other hand, the system solves the influence of subjective factors such as human favor on work. Before using the system, there will be many emotional factors in the work mode of dealing with people face-to-face, which will affect the work effect. After using the system, the workflow is standardized, solidified, clear, and the standardized process operation provides a guarantee for the institutionalization and standardized management of the operation, and avoids the impact of human emotional factors interference on the work.

More importantly, the use of the system can effectively respond to emergencies and reduce the losses caused by special situations, such as the severe stage of the new crown epidemic in 2020, remote office and remote office are completed by the system, and the digital system software replaces the traditional manual management mode, which ensures the stable operation of the main work.


Let the flower of innovation bear the fruit of the industry

Open the resource center section of the official website of Winsea Technology, which also sets up a learning center and data download function for customers and target customers, and a good and friendly operation interface provides convenience for everyone to better understand and use the product.

Yin Xiumeng told reporters that the purpose of this is not only to target the chivalrous customer group, but also to face colleagues in the entire shipping industry with an open mind.

Yin Xiumeng said: Yinghai Technology has such technical confidence.

The shared content integrates the important expert database and the professional information of senior institutions in the industry, mainly through the regular collection of shipping professional knowledge, mastering and sharing the latest aircraft and maritime management knowledge, management regulations and maritime-related content, but also providing seafarers with the latest shipping information and professional navigation, with the help of their own digital management software development accumulated experience and advantages, to build a powerful information base, collated into a book, but also for colleagues in the industry to bring common exchange, learning, reference and development of growth space.

At the same time, Winsea Technology is actively launching the shipping version of "Zhihu", by connecting experts and scholars in the shipping industry, providing online Q&A sharing and acquisition of various knowledge, integrating industry knowledge, and regularly releasing the formation of an encyclopedia of shipping knowledge. Yin Xiumeng also looks forward to more industry experts, industry associations, technical experts, professors and scholars can work together to build a knowledge base of shipping "Zhihu".

Yin Xiumeng said frankly that in recent years, Dalian High-tech Zone has actively built an industry-university-research innovation platform, accelerated the integration of production, education and research, and promoted the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

It has jointly established a postgraduate internship base, ship management laboratory, and maritime big data research center;

In 2018, "Winsea Ship Management System" was included in the informatization teaching course of the Marine Engineering College of Dalian Maritime University as a courseware textbook, and was regularly taught by senior professional and technical personnel of Winsea Technology.

The project "Ship Management and Energy Consumption Data Analysis and Application Based on Maritime Big Data" cooperated between the enterprise and Dalian Maritime University became a "key discipline major topic" project of Dalian Science and Technology Innovation Fund, and received 300 million yuan of support funds;

The "Key Technologies for Ship Energy Consumption Optimization and Intelligent Decision Support System for Energy Efficiency Management" jointly declared by Winsea Technology and Dalian Maritime University won the second prize of "2021 China Shipbuilding Engineering Society Science and Technology Progress Award".......

With the help of a series of measures such as policy support, industrial landing, capital support, talent policy, and platform construction in Dalian High-tech Zone, Winsea Technology's technological achievements have been selected into a number of key government funding projects, realizing the commercialization of different products and making the flower of innovation bear the fruit of the industry.

Under the guidance of policies, with scientific and technological innovation to promote new momentum for development, Winsea Technology continues to explore in-depth in the field of ship management system technology, constantly enriches the "wings" of the company's own innovation and development, and grows into a new force to support the country's scientific and technological self-reliance and self-improvement, and inserts wings for the high-quality development of Dalian High-tech Zone.


"The development of the shipping industry is a blue ocean with unlimited potential." Yin Xiumeng firmly believes that under the huge market prospects, Winsea Technology will sharpen the real knife in port and shipping technology innovation, and deepen the Hong Kong and shipping industry and big data technology.

In 2022, the digital empowerment of Winsea Technology is mainly reflected in six product segments: "Digital Ship Management Platform", "Flexible Employment Platform for Shipping Industry", "Shipping Big Data", "Crew Integrated Service Platform", "Spare Parts Material Docking Platform" and "Winhai New Media".

Yin Xiumeng uses the thinking and methods of the Internet to transform traditional industries, practice "Internet + manufacturing" in a new round of development, and promote the efficiency revolution of the commercial society to maximize user benefits and social and economic operation efficiency. Multi-link all-round coverage of the shipping industry, promoting the continuous development and growth of the shipping industry.

Looking forward to the future, Yin Xiumeng first proposed the concept of "industrial router": matching demand and supply through big data and algorithms, matching to Winsea Technology and the shipping industry is "altruistic industrial router". Winsea Technology will quickly find corresponding services through the Winhai platform to solve its own needs.

Yin Xiumeng also said that Yinghai's "altruistic industrial router" is mainly reflected in 4 "not earning": not earning the difference, not earning transaction commissions, not earning channel fees, and not earning advertising fees for traffic distribution.

"This is an industrial high-speed corridor that really benefits the shipping industry." Yin Xiumeng said.

Sales Consultant

Complete customer development and maintenance in this region: Consultative sales (telemarketing+surface sales), provide high-quality services and valuable suggestions to customers, and complete a behavioral data list

Sales Consultant

Complete customer development and maintenance in this region: Consultative sales (telemarketing+surface sales), provide high-quality services and valuable suggestions to customers, and complete a behavioral data list

Chairman Yin Xiumeng of Yinghai Technology Group was awarded the title of "2022 China Shipping Celebrity List - Outstanding Private Entrepreneur"

The "2022 China Shipping Celebrity List" was officially launched at the end of March this year. After various stages such as candidate solicitation and selection, public voting, news exposure search, and professional evaluation, a total of 192 industry insiders entered the candidate list.